How to make a blur / sensor effect on video on a cellphone

You must often see videos or photos in which there is a blur or sensor effect, this effect can be given to cover things that other people don’t want to see, such as passwords or indecent parts / scenes. How to do it is also very easy, actually, you can too.

To do this, you don’t have to use a computer or laptop, now with a smartphone it’s enough, the results are no less good. So, want to know how to create a blur / sensor effect on videos with your cellphone? Follow the steps below

Applications Used

Both on Android and iOS smartphones, there are tons of video editing applications available that you can use, but there are only a few that feature a blur or sensor effect. One of the video editing applications that has a feature is KineMaster, now this KineMaster is what I always use to edit my videos. And in this tutorial I will also use it, please download and install it first if you don’t have it yet.

How to Apply a Blur / Sensor Effect

After you install KineMaster, open the application. Then click the plus image button in the middle left (above the question mark (?)), Then select the aspect ratio according to the video you want to edit, this will also determine the ratio of the edited video. If the video has a horizontal ratio, then choose a 16: 9 ratio, if it is vertical, choose 9:16, and if you want the width and length of the video ratio to be the same (box shape) then choose a 1: 1 ratio.

After that, you will enter the editor, click Media (at the top right) to load the video or photo you want, select and search for the video or photo. Click 1x the video / photo you want until the preview appears at the bottom, then click the checkmark at the top right.

The next step, determine the starting second, minute, or hour what time the blur and sensor effect starts, you can slide right or left to determine the time, you click the play sign in the middle right to play the video so that the seconds, time and hour are right

Click Layers, then select Effects (FX), click Basic Effects, there are two types of blur or sensors that are provided for free, namely Gaussian Blur and Mosaic, you are free to use them. If you want another type of blur / sensor effect, you can buy it by clicking Get More.

Click the blur / sensor effect you want, free. In this tutorial I use Mosaic. For example you also use Mosaic, to determine which parts are given the effect, click on the Mosaic text below until the edges are yellow. So in the video preview there is a box to determine which part will be given the blur / sensor effect. Please move and change the size of the effect as you wish by dragging and holding out the arrows.

In addition, you can also adjust various things, such as the size of the blur / sensor block, opacity, etc., please adjust your needs.

If you want to blur / sensor at different times, just repeat the steps above. You can even give different types of blur effects.

After you have finished applying a blur or sensor effect to the video / photo and intend to save it, please click the image (which I boxed in red) in the center left. Select the desired resolution (video quality), frame rate and bit rate, leave it defaulf, don’t need to change it, then click Export. Wait until the export process is complete, when finished, your video will be saved, please watch.

Easy right?
OK, that’s a tutorial on how to create a blur / sensor effect on videos / photos on your cellphone. Hopefully the tutorial above is useful and helps you in video editing. For more information, you can visit https://rumusrumus.com/.